If you have an Alexa enabled Echo device then, you need to complete wifi settings on Echo to connect your echo device to wifi and use the smart voice-enabled assistance.  Though, wifi settings Echo is a quite simple and easy process to complete. For this, you require two things:

  • Your Wireless Network name and password.
  • Your Amazon account username and password.

Alexa enabled Echo device is a smart speaker with voice assistant which can do a number of things for the users. If you connect Alexa to wifi, you can ask Alexa to turn off the smart lights, play music, set shopping list and many other things just by giving your voice commands and Alexa will do all for you.

How to Connect Alexa to wifi?

  • First of all, download the Alexa app from the supported app store of your device and open.
  • Now, you have to enter the Amazon User ID and Password to sign in.
  • Tap to ‘Get Started’.
  • Enter your name and later you will be asked to give Amazon permission to access your contact list. For this, you can choose ‘Allow’ or ‘Later’ option as per your choice.
  • Proceed further to set up Alexa echo WIFI, click Alexa menu button to open settings.
  • Choose ‘Setup a New Device’.
  • From the list, select the Echo.  
  • Plug the Echo device and hold the Action button for 10 seconds.  You must see the ring light on the top of your device turning to orange.
  • Choose ‘Continue’.
  • The application will ask you to connect Alexa to WIFI through wifi settings on your smart device. You have to follow the in-app instructions to connect to wifi.
  • Once your device is successfully connected, you will get a confirmation and the application will open the Next Step for you automatically.
  • If you will get a message indicating that ‘Connected to (device name), tap to continue.
  • You will see the list of available WIFI networks. Choose your network and enter the password.
  • You must have ‘Preparing your (device name)’ message with the progress bar. Wait till it gets completed.
  • Once you are done with everything, you will get a message saying setup is complete. The process to connect Alexa to WIFI is completed.

Now you can enjoy your Alexa enabled Echo device and perform so many tasks as per your choice. So enjoy using the fantastic features of amazing voice assistant and explore what Alexa enabled Echo has to offer you.