Amazon Echo Dot Setup

Your new Echo Dot device is a door to smart home automation and virtual assistance benefits. Among all the Echo devices introduced by Amazon, Echo Dot is the best device with a slim profile and low device.  You may have a question that how to set up echo dot? Don’t worry, we can help you to figure it out. Amazon Echo series devices have taken the virtual assistant and artificial assistance to the next level. Echo Dot is the most convenient choice for users who want to enjoy the benefits of both at minimal cost. So, if you are struggling at how to set up echo dot, just read out the given information very carefully.

setup Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot Setup

For setting up Echo dot, the first thing you have to do is – unbox your Echo Dot device. Open the Echo dot box and inside it, you will find certain items:

  • Echo Dot unit – We will call it an Echo or Dot.

  • A standard size Micro USB cable to power the unit.

  • A power adapter for plugging into the power outlet.

  • Quick start guide with basic echo dot setup instructions.

  • Things to try  card with some of the Alexa command samples.

To start with Amazon echo dot setup process, you need to plug in the micro USB cable into the back side of your Dot. After that, plug in the one end of USB into the adapter and another end into the wall.  Place your Echo dot device in some central location at your home so that it can hear your voice from anywhere. The microphones are very solid, thus you do not need to play around it much.

Your Echo device will start up and display a blue light. Just wait for a few minutes to start with Amazon echo dot setup process. When the orange light displays, Alexa will inform you that you are all set to get online.

As echo dot does not support screen, thus you have to complete Amazon echo dot setup process on phone. Install the Alexa app and open it. Sign into the app using an Amazon account.

After signing in, accept the terms and conditions to use the app. Now, you will see the list of Echo device. For Amazon echo dot setup, you have to choose the appropriate option. Confirm your language and click on ‘Connect to WIFI’ button. As you have already plugged in your device, the light will turn orange, tap to continue.

Your phone will connect to the Echo Dot automatically. If it is not working, the application will ask you to press and hold the ‘Dot’s action’ button for some seconds. Once the device is found click to continue.

To complete the Amazon echo dot setup, you have to add the Echo to the wireless network. Here, tap your Network name and enter the password. Hit Connect to bring your Echo online.

In the last step, you have to decide how you want to hear your Echo. For this, you got three options- Audio Cable, Bluetooth, and No Speakers.  Dot will allow you to connect your device to the speaker via cable or Bluetooth for better audio. If you do not want an option, then the last option will play your audio via basic dot speakers.

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