Connect Echo Dot To Wifi

Have you purchased a new Echo Dot device and want to Connect Echo Dot to the WIFI? Well! The process is quite simple and easy. You can just follow the given procedure to Connect Echo Dot to WIFI and enjoy using the amazing services Amazon Echo Dot is providing you.

Connect Echo Dot To Wifi

How to Connect Echo Dot to wifi?

Before you Connect Echo Dot to WIFI, you need to make sure that you have an Amazon Account and stable WIFI connection. Echo Dot device needs an active WIFI connection to speak and execute the commands.

  • Plugin in Echo Dot to the power source.

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone device.
  • Open the left navigation panel in your Alexa app and click on the settings.

  • Choose your device and choose ‘Update WIfi’ option. To set up a new device, select ‘Setup a new device’ option.

  • On your Echo Dot, press the action button and hold it till you see the orange light blinking. Your smartphone will then Connect to the Echo Dot device. You can see the list of available WIFI network on your app.

Important Alexa app may ask you to connect your device manually by following the

Echo Dot Wifi Settings

  • Choose the WIFI network and enter the password. If you are unable to find the WIFi network, scroll down and choose ‘Add a Network’.
  • If you want to add your device to router’s list of approved devices then scroll down till you find the MAC address.

  • The passwords you have saved during the setup will appear automatically when you connect the new Alexa device to the similar WIFI network. You can save the wireless password to Amazon(Optional).

  • Choose ‘Connect’ to connect echo dot to wifi. You will see a confirmation message appearing on the Alexa app saying that your device is successfully connected.

These are some simple and easy steps which can help users to Connect Echo to the Wifi. the process is very simple and easy but, it is very important to make sure that your device is connected to the WIFI and getting uninterrupted internet connectivity. Also without Amazon Account, you can not connect Echo dot to Wifi, so create one if you don’t have. If you are unable to connect your device after following this simple procedure then you can seek the expert help. The professional can guide you with step-by-step instructions to connect Echo Alexa to Wifi.

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