Amazon Echo Setup Instructions

Nowadays Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant is just not enough, people want something more innovative and the result is Amazon Echo. The Echo speaker is not just a  speaker but a lot more than that. This voice-controlled hands-free speaker can do so many things for the users. Enabled with Alexa ( a smart voice assistant) Amazon Echo Setup allows you to manage your daily tasks just by using your voice commands. You can play music, set reminder, control smart home devices through the Amazon Echo device.   This smart speaker is designed to listen and respond back to your voice commands no matter what you ask. So, Are you excited to take advantage of this amazing technology? Here are the steps to complete the Amazon Echo Setup. After that, you are all set to make the best use of your smart speaker.

Alexa dot Setup

How to setup Amazon Echo?

You can follow the given steps for Amazon Alexa Setup  and complete the setup process:

Download the Alexa app

First of all, you need to download Amazon Alexa App on your smartphone. You can download it from the supported app store of your device.

Choose a device to set-up

To use Alexa, you must have an Amazon account. Sign-in to your Amazon account, go to settings and choose the available option to set up a new device. The three options will be displayed on your screen out of which you have to choose Echo. Select your language.

Enter the Setup mode

For Amazon Echo Setup, the Echo’s light ring should be orange and if it is not then, click and hold the action button present on top for  5 seconds. If still, the light does not blink orange then you need to press and hold Bluetooth/WIFI button present on the back. Immediately, your Alexa will inform you that she is ‘ Now in setup mode’.

Connect your smartphone to the computer

Connect the application to wireless network now being served by Amazon Echo. It may be referred as something ‘Amazon -2Q3’( the last three digits will vary). Once you are connected, Alexa will say ‘ You are now connected to Echo’. Proceed further to complete Amazon Echo Setup in the Alexa app.

Setup home WIFI

Connect to the wifi in the app. Once the information is sent to the device, Alexa will say ‘Your Echo is ready’ and orange lights will go out.

Say Alexa

At the last stage of Amazon Echo Setup, your Alexa app will show you a video for some basic instructions to use the Echo device.  You can change the wake work for your Echo Alexa.

Follow these Echo Alexa Setup Instructions carefully to complete the setup process. Amazon keeps adding the new features in  Alexa. So, keep your eyes on the latest updates available. Also, check the tricks and skills that Alexa supports in the store to make the best use of your Amazon Echo device. Echo Alexa is just like your best friend and always there for you.

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