How to Set up Alexa

Amazon devices are designed to offer better ease and comfort to its users. Not only Amazon but also by using Windows, iOS and Android devices a user can perform the numerous functions like setting up an alarm, playing favourite music, setting shopping list, organizing the meetings and a lot more- all these functions are only possible just because of successful Amazon Alexa Setup. Though the setup process is not tough, all you need is to follow the simple  Alexa setup instructions to enjoy the amazing features. So, if you want to set up the Amazon Alexa for your device, carefully follow the Alexa setup instructions to setup Alexa and after that, you can enjoy the amazing features.

Alexa is more than you can imagine, by using Alexa you can invite your friends and relatives to dinner, set reminders to pay bills and payments, make calls to your family and friends, set alarm and much more. Alexa app can make your life exciting than ever before.  But for this, you need a successful Amazon Alexa setup.

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Before having  amazon Alexa setup, you need to :

Know about your device:

  • Check your device details.

  • Know about the operating system and version supported by your device.

Prepare the installation and setup:

  • Check the Alexa app version.

  • Follow the Alexa setup instructions carefully.

How to set up Alexa App?

Here are the simple steps that you need to follow to set up the Alexa app on your device:

  • From your device, open the web browser.

  • Now, in the address bar type  and click on enter.

  • Log in to your Amazon account and if you do not have an Amazon account then create the one as you need Amazon account to set up the Alexa App.

  • Turn on the Amazon Alexa device and wait till the light converts to orange.  Your device is supposed to appear in the Alexa web app by default as the device has been synchronized to your Amazon account.

  • Press the “Action button” and hold it for about five seconds.

  • In web app “click settings”.

  • Select “Setup the new device”.

  • Select the WIFI network in a web app.

  • Select the “Connection” option.

You Alexa app setup will complete in just a short span of time . Now, you can use the Alexa app and enjoy a number of exciting features. But, one IMPORTANT  thing that you need to consider that you follow the Alexa Setup instructions carefully otherwise you can face hassles in the setup process.

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