Amazon Echo is an ultimate personal assistant that helps users to perform the numerous tasks and activities. Amazon Echo is powered by Alexa which is a personal voice assistant respond back to the queries of users. The device is still in its developing state and keeps on updating the different plug-in, due to which sometimes a user face problems like Alexa not responding to the voice. Alexa is undoubtedly the wonderful AI personal assistant that enable users to learn different new skills. Alexa not responding to the voice commands is a quite common issue to occur while using the Amazon Echo device.

How to resolve Alexa not responding issue?

Amazon Echo is presently among the best personal assistant available for the users. But sometimes, Alexa in echo does not respond to the voice of users and the major reason behind Alexa not working error is the updating plugins.

Alexa not responding is a very common problem to occur in front of users while they are using the Echo device. Sometimes, you may have noticed that your Echo Alexa Speakers are not hearing or responding to your voice calls. To fix Alexa issues, you can follow the given troubleshooting guidelines and resolve this problem.

  • One of the easiest ways to fix the Alexa not responding error is to turn off the speaker and after some time turn it on again.
  • If you still haven’t found the right solution to fix Alexa issues, then the problem may be caused due to the home appliances like coolers, heaters, fans and many more. It is recommended to keep your Alexa away from the noisy home appliances as they cause the hearing problems. Reduce the noise level so that Alexa can hear you command clearly and respond back to them correctly.
  • You can also select the Voice training feature to fix Alexa not responding error. To do this follow given steps:
    • Go to the settings option in your Alexa app.
    • Read out the phrases mentioned by app allow.
    • This will allow Alexa to understand clearly and fix the Alexa not responding error.

So, if your Alexa not responding at all try the aforementioned troubleshooting steps. These steps will definitely help you out and fix the problem. Follow these guidelines carefully to get rid of Alexa not responding problem and make your Alexa experience better than ever before.