Alexa App Settings

Whether you have purchased  Echo, Echo dot or any other Alexa enabled device, Alexa app settings are important to make the best use of your voice-enabled virtual assistant. Turn on your device, setup Alexa and you are all set to use the device. But, get the best of it, Alexa app settings are very important so that you can customize its performance according to your requirements. For example- You can change the wake word as per your comfort.

To access the Amazon Alexa Settings, open the Alexa app and log in to your Amazon account at Now, select the menu option and here you can see the list of devices supported by Alexa. Some of the settings are only applicable to particular devices whereas the others are applicable on all Alexa enabled devices.

How to Download Alexa App for PC

Can I change the device name for my Alexa account?

By default, the device name is always the first name of the user and then the product name. For example- If your name is Nick then your device name will be Nick’s Echo. Though, you can change the name according to your preference.

Set the address

Most of the services offered by Alexa like weather forecast depends upon your location. When you purchase an Alexa enabled device from the Amazon store, it already has the zip code entered. But, you can change the address through the location settings of your device.

Change the wake word

You can change the wake word from Alexa to Amazon Echo after that Alexa set up. Though, these settings are not applicable to Fire TV as you have to wake the Alexa through a remote or home button.

Delete  the History

Alexa has a record of every interaction. Sometimes users complain by saying  that ‘ I have a privacy concern with my Alexa account’. Well! If you also fall in the same category can delete your interactions from history.

Select the Recording and click on Delete voice recording option. Though, if you want to delete every recording, login to your Amazon online account. Click on Manage Your Content and Devices and after that select devices.  Click on Action>> Manage your recording and from here you can delete all the recordings.

Setup the Calendar

With an Alexa Setup, you can set your schedule and keep the track of all the things. For this, you have to link the Google Calendar via Calendar settings. However, the service is only applicable through Google Calendar.

Get the sports update

Make your Alexa a customized Sports center. Open the sports update settings and choose the team which you wants to follow. Whenever you ask Alexa for the sports updates, Alexa will update you with the latest score and future scheduled games.  From your Amazon Alexa settings for sports, you can stay updated with the latest sports news.

Setup Alexa on iPhone, Windows and Mac PC

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