Alexa App for PC Windows 10 Download

If you are using Alexa app for smartphones like Android, Windows, IOS etc then this is the time to enhance your experience by using Alexa app for pc. Yes! You can download the Alexa app on your Windows 10 device and enjoy its amazing benefits. Before downloading the Alexa, let’s know more about this app. Alexa app can help you to manage the smart devices and also allow carry out the various task just through the voice command.  For example, using Alexa app you can control your smart TV, smart bulbs, manage daily schedule, makes calls and a lot more. Alexa is one smart destination to carry out all the tasks smartly and Alexa app for pc has been it possible through your Windows 10 device.

Alexa App for PC

So, follow the simple steps and download the  Alexa app for windows 10 pc. With Amazon Alexa App, you can manage your different day-to-day tasks just in a few steps. Alexa app download is limited to the computers sold by brands like Aces, HP, and Lenovo, but you can download this application. Following are the steps to download the Alexa app for windows 10 pc.

Download Amazon Alexa app for pc

  • To download the Alexa app for Windows 10 pc, first of all, you need to download the Alexa Win32 app version  You can download it from the

Note: This link is not an official link.

  • After downloading the file, scan it to check for the virus and malware. Once you are done with scanning, run the file you have downloaded inside the ZIP archive and after that accept “User Account Control Prompt”.  Now, you have to follow the prompt for Alexa app download on Windows 10 computer.

  • Open the Alexa settings and after that, you have to enable the launch app on sing into your computer if you want to Alexa app to be launched when you log in to your Windows account.

Important– For successful Alexa app download, you must have Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 installed on the PC  as only then you can use the Alexa app. If it is not installed on your PC then don’t worry the setup will install it automatically. 

  • Your Alexa App for PC is now ready to use.

The aforementioned simple steps will allow you to easily download Alexa App for PC. if you want to download the app for Windows 7,  you can follow the same process.

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